About Me

I am a  graduate Architect  Engineer from  ITB , a prominent School of  Technology in Bandung, Indonesia. I also served as a lecture in the same institute ever since my graduation until my retirement day in 2011.  at the same time I also have worked in the design consulting, construction, advertising, automotive, and computer  industries.

The official blurb is as follows :

As an architect I like to travel and love to write about everything. I also have a lot of interests on many other things, I know a little about a lot of things, and love to write and talk with those who know a lot more, especially on interactivity between Human, Engineering  and Technology.

My racing days

My upbringing draw me into my other diverse hobby — auto racing, competitive rallying and hard-driving. I have a weakness, when I see  a stretch of asphalt on twisty road or gravel-track in front of me, my adrenaline will pumps pretty quickly  and in turn will translate that into flooring the accelerator pedal.I am an automotive obsessive — considering myself as a ‘adrenaline junkies’  and ponder all the marvelous creations that others drive in an area where your wheels — not your job or college degree — define your personality.Today, in my somewhat more ‘relax environment’,  I still drive my ‘souped-up car’  when I have to go out-of-town and enjoying playing a round of golf with my buddies, mostly with my ex-students from the same school of technology.

Third from right : Golfing with Ars ITB alumni.

Third from right : Golfing with Ars ITB alumnis.

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